Company Profile

We, Devdatham Builders & Developers, specialize in construction of Residential and commercial buildings, classic construction are a full service residential and commercial contractor. We have been serving your neighbors in the country for a number of years. Our reputation is built on a solid foundation of integrity and trust earned through a professional, customer focused approach to Building improvement. We will help you with what ever services you request from a kitchen to a complete house and every thing in between, if you have a home or building improvement project please feel free to contact us and we will happy to discuss the specifics with you and provide as estimate at no charge or obligation. Aashiyana is our current project. it is a craft of the famous architect R.K.Ramesh, a renowned person in the architectural field throughout Kerala. It is positioned and well connected to colleges, shopping malls, hospitals, railway station, bus stations and other institutions, all of which remain under a 2Km radius.

Vision and Mission


  • To be able to service every client and give back to the society/community. Our goals are to produce the:
  • Best product:
  • Highest standard of materials
  • Renowned brands and associates
  • Only work with the best
  • Execution and standards maintained with meticulous checks and quality maintained.
  • Best Service:
  • Strive to serve our customers even after handover
  • Seamless and smooth transition into their homes
  • Best Design:
  • Strong focus on usability of our product
  • We design and build our homes around customer requirements and as if we’d have to live in them
  • Design is more than just aesthetics.
  • Creating True Value:
  • Building real value not just with structures but building social infrastructure and enhancing the real estate value of our clients.
  • Style:
  • To elevate our clients and their perception of whom they truly are.


We strongly believe in customer satisfaction and we want to be known for our quality and eco friendly homes that provide quality life space.



Devdatham Builders & Developers launched its first project “Aashiyana”.


Devdatham Builders & Developers launched its second project “Binnalae”.


In February 2018, the budget apartment project “Binnalae” will be hand over to the customers.


Devdatham Builders & Developers headed by the chairman and visionary Adv.unnikrishna Menon commenced its remarkable journey


In September 2014, the 54 flat project “Aashiyana” completed and handover to the customers.